Black Leaf Glass Bong


Black Leaf Glass Bong


For under $50 this Black Leaf Glass Bong has a hell of a punch I absolutely love it. Today I received it in the mail and took a hit of my AK-47 and man I'm surprised on how hard it hits. Talk about a glass cannon the Black Leaf Glass Bong is one of a kind and for $49 it is a steal. If you are in the market for a new setup then I would recommend that you try it out some time i think you like it 🙂 

Black Leaf Glass Bong 35cm

The Black Leaf Glass Bong  includes a sleek, stemless design that gives natural percolation amped up with a fixed, slitted inline perc along with a glass disc perc with 5 turbine blades. The position from the blades produce a turbo-powered whirlwind of smooth smoke, and also the glass disc doubles being an ice catcher to have an icy awesome hit!

The 18.8mm female joint comes fitted having a obvious glass slide bowl having a glass bead roll stopper across the rim. Black Leaf's vibrant blue Whirlwind decal is used just beneath the comfortable mouthpiece.

Product Details:

Quality borosilicate glass

Stable round feet and reinforced stemless design

Fixed, slitted inline perc and disc perc with 5 turbine blades

18.8mm obvious glass slide bowl

Black Leaf Whirlwind label in vibrant blue

Turbine perc doubles as ice-catcher

Carb hole

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