Blaze Glass - Mini Donut Oil Bong

Blaze Glass - Small Donut Oil Bong

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Blaze Glass Small Donut Oil Bong with Inline Diffuser & Reinforced Downstem Bent Mouthpiece

This small “Donut” oil bong by Blaze Glass with stable round consists of outfitted getting a 4-slit inline diffuser. The inline diffuser filters the smoke and splits up into lots of bubbles. The smoke then travels using the donut, which splits stream of smoke since it increases using the chamber, cooling it lower for just about any much smoother hit. The donut also functions just like a splashguard, stopping the bong water from splashing up.

This Blaze Glass oil bong features a reinforced downstem getting a 10mm male joint. It comes down lower together with a apparent 10mm female vapor dome with black glass handle. The handle will stop you from burning your fingers round the hot dome and may steer clear of the dome motionless lower the table when it is been removed the bong. A hard, heat resistant 10mm quarta movement glass concentrate nail may also be incorporated along with your purchase.

The mouthpiece relating to this small bong is slightly bent, so technology-not only in the better ones position. The rim in the mouthpiece as well as the rim in the base are colored black, which inserts the black glass handle round the vapor dome. The Blaze Glass Emblem lies all around the donut in the shiny silver.

Look at this video to learn more plus a demonstration round the Blaze Glass Small Donut Oil Bong!

Product Details:

Miniature oil bong with Donut shape by Blaze Glass!

Borosilicate glass

Stable round base

4-slit inline diffuser

Reinforced downstem

Female 10mm vapor dome with black glass handle

Quarta movement concentrate nail incorporated

Straight mouthpiece

Black rim on mouthpiece and base

Silver Blaze Glass emblem on donut

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