Gram Up

Serving: Statewide

this has been one of my favorite of all time for cannabis delivery

Weed Dealer Online

Serving: Statewide

this one of the top cannabis venders in california

Harvest Bloom

Serving: Statewide

With complimentary gift bags handed out to new customers, Harvest Bloom knows all about customer care and convenience. Call them up or visit  to place an order for same-day delivery in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties, or next-day delivery anywhere in the state.

Ganja Runner

Serving: Statewide

Not only does Ganjarunner stock quality bud, they also offer one of the best first time patient gift bags we’ve come across. If you’re a newbie making an order you can expect to receive a bamboo rolling board, BIC lighter, a grinder, one top shelf joint, a glass pipe, and a house-made edible along with your cannabis purchase!

Greeny Me


Serving: Los Angeles area

Greenly proudly claims they are the most technologically up-to-date service in the industry. They offer online sign-ups and GPS tracking of their cars so you can follow your purchase all the way to your door.


Serving: San Mateo and the Bay Area

Customers of Natural Green ReLeaf gush about their amazing customer service. They boast top quality care and top quality bud, and first time patients enjoy ten dollars off their first order.