Cannabis Bonsai Tree 

  Cannabis Bonsai Tree

Are you aware that you are able to turn your cannabis plant into a Cannabis Bonsai Tree? It doesn’t only look awesome, but it’s a terrific way to obtain a nice harvest from a little plant. It is also simpler than you may expect. You just need a clear, crisp eye, persistence, along with a couple of fundamental methods of training. Listed here are 5 steps for that perfect cannabis bonsai.


1. Prep your container

Firstly, it’s important to gather materials and prep your container. Before repotting your plant, make use of your drill to create holes round the fringe of your brand-new container. These holes would be the anchor point for that branches you tie lower, so make certain those are the correct size for the string or wire. You’ll should also make certain that you simply make enough holes

You’ll should also make certain that you simply make enough holes to produce the form that you simply ultimately desire to have your plant.

Once you’re through drilling, plant your cannabis.

Materials for the cannabis bonsai

Youthful plant

Quality soil

Container with higher drainage


String or plastic-coated wire

Wooden stake

Fine pruning shears (later on within the growth cycle)


2. Train your trunk

The next thing is training your trunk. To get this done, you’ll need your wooden stake. Carefully slide the stake in to the soil near the primary stalk of the plant. You’ll wish to be gentle so you avoid harming your root system.

Next, lightly twist the stalk round the wooden stake within the direction you would like it to go. Make use of your string or wire to secure the wrapped stalk aside from the container.

As the plant grows, the stalk will comply with this latest shape. The recording above outlines the procedure.


3. Tie it back

Having your    Bonsai Tree began is a continuing process. It’s important to keep training your plant because it keeps growing. You need to do this by routinely tying back primary branches with the aim of training your cannabis to your ideal shape.

For instance, if you would like your plant to widen horizontally, tie branches towards the sides of the container, ensuring your string or wire is taut.

Make certain the branch is tied lower tight, although not so tight it snaps or else you damage the branch. For additional vertical growth, loosely tie your plant towards the container within the preferred direction.

4. Prune

The following factor it’s important to do make certain your plant stays nice trimmed. This helps maintain shape and looks, in addition to make room for individuals coveted buds while increasing plant health. To prune, you’ll wish to trim away small kind branches as you can see fit.

The large trick here’s to prevent cutting the big, primary branches. Pruning the big branches will decrease the quantity of flowers your brand-new tree produces. It will likewise destroy the structural integrity from the tree. Using fine pointed pruning shears or scissors, lightly remove a few of the small, kind branches from the primary branch.

5. Harvest

A bonsai cannabis plant flowers as being a regular plant. You may either ensure that it stays within the vegetative condition when you watch for it to develop to your preferred shape, or pressure it into flower soon after several weeks. The treatment depends on which you’re wishing to get away from your bonsai.

To pressure flower your plant, simply move it to some 12/12 light cycle. 12 hrs underneath the lights and 12 hrs in complete darkness.

If you are growing your bonsai on the windowsill like a hobby plant or outdoors, it will start to flower as a result of the best kinds of sun light in the atmosphere. During springtime, your plants won’t flower. Throughout the late summer time or fall, you’ll start to see some buds.

When trichomes (the small bulbous resin glands which cover the flower) start to turn a milk-white-colored color, your bud is able to be trimmed off, dried, and cured.

Growing your cannabis bonsai style looks amazing, is very fun to complete, and it is a neat way to test out new growing techniques. A cannabis bonsai is ideal for casual hobby growers or individuals searching to have their plants pretty small.

You are able to take clippings in the plant because it grows and reuse them in a variety of recipes, like DIY cannabis topicals or raw cannabis smoothies. Once flowering time comes around, you can get a respectable amount of bud out of your little plant.

Maybe you have designed a cannabis bonsai? Share your story around on social networking or perhaps in your comments ought to below. We’d like to know what you think!

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