da Buddha vaporizer $169.00

I’ve had da Buddha vaporizer for approximately 20 days and i love it! Ive attempted others, most of them cost more than the Buddha and have more features but they just don’t compare

the good thing about this is this vape is rather affordable. Now the cost is $169, that makes it about 80 % cheaper as compared to the Silver Surfer, that’s $269 right now.

As opposed to many other Whip-Model Vaporizers that use a little herbal chamber, the Da Buddha Vaporizer attributes another-vast chamber which enables an even more effective and efficient vaporization . It’s also capable of achieving vaporization temperatures within two minutes. To resolve the frustrations of several Vaporizer enthusiasts, the ground Glass Whip was particularly made to allow for straightforward removal and insertion of screens.The chamber really moistens the vapor, making it easier to take a hit



– Cost – the price runs from $169 to $209, the Da Buddha is probably the most affordable desktop vaporizers available on the market nowadays.


Design: Simple in design, the Da Buddha Vaporizer is round with a large base . It’s there to vaporize herbs and can i tell you it does a hell of a job doing that


Quality: Created to last, the Da Buddha Vaporizer is probably most likely the most durable desktop vaporizer presently available on the market. Users, who own one tend you use it on a daily basis and depend on it heavily

Made up of merely a couple of pieces, there aren’t small parts that may get damaged or lost. They are available in a 3-year warranty, though it will most likely last excess of that.

What’s within the Box: Furthermore for the vaporizer, the Da Buddha also provides a glass mouthpiece, a 3-inch whip tubing, one glass wand, three substitute screens, one stir tool, one padded hemp travel bag, and directions.

Vaping Understanding about Da Buddha Vaporizer

Usability: The tranquility of the Da Buddha’s design reaches its use. To fill the vaporizer, users insert about .2 grams of herbin the conclusion in the wand and switch it on. Heating for that preferred temperature takes four minutes, and you will change heat while using knob within the device. The knob does not have markers, in order that it takes some experimenting to obtain the right setting.

The wand attaches for that vaporizer itself, then when placed, it stays fixed, so users do not have to allow it to be in position during use. A bag can also be incorporated, making transporting simpler.

Since the Da Buddha doesn’t have an overabundance of parts, it’s fairly simple rather than prone to breakage.

Vapor Production: Vapor inside the Da Buddha is excellent as well as even, with no aftertaste.

Efficiency is impressive for this sort of simple design. the heat tank attract vapor within the tube, obtaining a knob to handle temperature. There aren’t any LEDs, nor almost every other features, although it can’t vaporize oil or wax (only dry plant material), it’s effective.


Battery: Since the Da Buddha could be a desktop vaporizer, it uses cord to draw power from power, rather of the battery. Thus, the vaporizer is wonderful for extended vaping sessions or all-nighters without getting to be concerned about battery existence.

According to the heat tank, it’s also angled in a fashion that it’s tough to spill cannabis within it accidentally. In addition, it vaporizes cannabis efficiently making your bud go longer improving your premiums inside the extended-term


Pros and cons within the Vaporizer



The very best cost available on the market for almost any desktop vaporizer realistically work

Easy to use as opposed to a learning curve

Despite its fundamental design, there’s almost no smell using this

Very solid craftsmanship


You need to guess the temperature

Very plain design

Da Buddha Vaporizer Additional Informations

Big, solid, and clunky, the Da Buddha should be applied in your own home. It may be transported in one house with ]another, but it’s certainly not only a vaporizer for individuals who’re always on-the-move.

Simplicity is exactly what the Da Buddha is about. Whether in design, used, or even in function, this vaporizer could be a counterpoint concerning the other high-finish desktop vaporizers wealthy in-tech features need to give.

In case you will likely use sleek, modern-searching devices obtaining a slew of features, you’re best offered to search elsewhere. Expect you’ll pay greater than what you need to provide the Da Buddha Vaporizer.

If you’re looking by having an affordable, no-frills home vaporizer that performs well, the Da Buddha Vaporizer may be the anybody to obtain

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Operation instructions:

1. Turn on Da Buddha unit to full power for two main-3 minutes (you will notice a red/orange glow

in the minute nevertheless the glass must warm-up also). Round the first initial launch

wait ten mins for almost any oils to get rid of in the heat tank. The smoke is

from hands oils as well as other oils from manufacturing.

2. Turn Da Buddha’s power back about 1/4-1/2 the whole power as well as the unit needs to be

available all day long lengthy. For your first use make an attempt a smaller setting and progressively turn

Da Buddha as much as vaporization occurs. This could insure that it’s not necessary Da

Buddha switched around high and catch your herbal matter burning. If you do use, you

can locate a perfect setting for Da Buddha. Don’t enable your materials turn

black since this is combustion and it is not what you look for.

3. Grind your cannabis while being used heating. Make use of a grinder, knife or fingers,

but ensure the types of materials are broken up. We advise employing a DBV grinder

which exist online should you not currently have one.

4. Place your herbs to the wand. You’ll be able to achieve this together with your fingers and

putting it in or sucking in the earth plant using the wand. Don’t fill the wand too

much (1/3” or around 1/4 inch full could be the maximum you have to devote there). You’ll be able to

use hardly any or surrounding you want. Don’t fill the wand a great deal any time you

vaporize the tobacco is touching the heater.

NOTE: Its not necessary to utilize much material here. I would recommend placing enough inside the

wand to cover the screen about 1/8-1/4 inch of material. Take it easy about this, you

will decipher it quickly.

5. Place the whip towards the heat tank and inhale air (draw) an entire breath. If when

you exhale the factor is really a white-colored-colored mist, you’re within the zone you have to be. If there isn’t any

mist, inhale more progressively or appear Da Buddha unit a little. You’ll be able to control the

volume of vapor created by different the intensity and length of air an individual inhales.

Inhaling slower lets the atmosphere pass the heater longer growing the temperature in the

air. The faster an individual inhales the a shorter time air is heated and so the air might be a cooler.

Practicing to attain perfection. This can be a good reason there aren’t any figures because every user

inhales different but you’re smart enough to bear in mind the best location.

NOTE: Make sure that you aren’t inhaling too progressively or being used hot. The

tobacco that you’re vaporizing will catch fire. Once the materials are black it might be

switched up too high.

Description Of Product:


110v Unit Vaporizer

Full Whip Package (Hose, Wand, Mouthpiece)

Ceramic Flavor Disc

Stainless Pick

Instructions Manual



Color: Black

Dimensions: 7.85 x 11.75 x 13.25

Weight: 3.7 lbs

Current: 110v

Display Size: 5 x 8


Vaporizer Compatibility: Herbs

Warm Up Time: 90 seconds

Warranty Info: 3 Year Warranty – Heating Unit (Glass Components have no coverage underneath the warranty.)

Manufacturer: seventh Floor Vapes

Primary Features

Dark Colored

Desktop Type Vaporizer

Top Quality Ceramic Heater

Super Tough Aluminum Housing

Fully Adjustable Temperature

Quick Change Screen

Built and developed in America

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