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DaVinci IQ Vaporizer

Get this: Vape-nation just dropped the price on their DaVinci IQ Vaporizer, this is a very stealthy herb vaporizer. This is a top tier vaporizer that will give you a great experience, unlike other conduction vapes out on the market. This one hot deal you don't want to miss out on getting yours today while supplies last

Product Details:

  • Smart Path Technology
  • 51 LED Dot Display
  • Ceramic Zirconia Air Path
  • Boost & Standby Mode
  • Replaceable 18650 Battery
  • 100% Ceramic Heating Chamber
  • Bluetooth Integration
  • Precise Digital Temperature Control System click here



Building off of the idea that different effects are released at various temperature levels, the DaVinci IQ is designed with Smart Path Technology. This feature will start out at a lower setting and gradually increase the temperature during the course of your vaporizing session. By beginning at a cooler level and raising the heat during the process of vaporization a unique experience can be achieved. As well, a complete range of flavors are produced. And since the DaVinci IQ knows to advance the temperature automatically, you don’t even need to raise a finger.

The DaVinci IQ arrives with the Smart Paths already preset at the following levels:

1. 350-370°F

2. 370-390°F

3. 390-410°F

4. 410-430°F

Product Reviews:

5 0ut 5 stars

The new DaVinci IQ is my favorite portable vaporizer yet! I have been vaping my herb for quite a few years now and I never found anything to give as much flavor and overall vapor purity as the IQ! It's a little pricier than some others but definitely worth it IMO! I even noticed it was given the top spot by personalweedvaporizers.com I guess I'm not the only one! I wish it vaped hash and shatter but I have the APX Wax for that, works great too! Enjoy!

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