The Electronic Nail (E-nail) is a generally new vaporization gadget that gives a reliable temperature to vaporize concentrates. 


looking for a E-nail kit well you come to the right spot, chose from many brands from vendors all over the web. If their a specific brand you want let us know so we can do the hard work while you sit back and chill

Dab Ninja E-Nail $229.95

Source E-Nail Kit $199.95

Ooze Magma Enail $199.00

Dr. Dabber Boost E-rig $147.95

Pulsar Hand E-Nail Vaporizer $129.95

Source Nail Vaporizer Premium Kit $149.95

Atmos Q3 E-nail Kit $74.95

Cloud V Electro Vaporizer $229.95

Pulsar Elite Series Mini Enail $199.99

The E-nail enables for consistent vaporization at precise temperatures, a task couple of devices available on the market can handle claiming. Why can’t they continue?

It’s physics, and electricity is altering the sport. Classic hot-air and convection methods get near to a regular temp, however they can’t match the truth of the electronic heating device. Heat naturally fluctuates, therefore the heating chamber is continually cooling and reheating to help keep the temp in which you need it. Some devices have reduced this fluctuation perfectly, but none of them are great obviously.

Flames from the torch are equally uncertain, plus they risk presenting butane (though this isn’t a real major concern if you are while using nail correctly). Most significantly, it normally won't have an effect on the temperature once you heat a glass nail having a torch, it’ll start cooling lower. Which means you’re not going to understand what temp you’re vaping at with any kind of confidence. They’re also potentially harmful to help keep laying around and may frequently require maintenance (for example fuel).

The E-nail doesn’t only solve these problems, it offers methods to problems you didn’t know you'd.

For instance, the Stratus E-nail setup enables for that heated coil for connecting directly using the provided nail, permitting a hands- and torch-free dabbing experience.

An E-nail may also stay hot without resorting to reheating (just like a torch), meaning it’s up there using the Volcano with regards to group consumption. You retain the nail going and clamped on your piece all that you should do is keep reloading the dabbing oral appliance passing it around.

So, do you want one?

That will depend about how serious looking dabbing. They’re already quite nice whenever you consider the cost and quality, although the primary benefit (reported by many users) is available in the taste and control you’ll experience. Should you can’t appear to help keep the temp perfect together with your current torch setup, you’ll be very impressed because when easy it is to locate it and remain there by having an E-nail.

To put it simply, there’s not just a better method to dab at this era. If you are a connoisseur or are thinking about the first dabbing setup, there isn’t any question that you ought to be seriously searching only at that technology.

The costs for E-nails really are a bit above what traditional flame-activated glass piece, but they’re a fantastic choice if you are thinking about buying a vaporization device that you will be proud to make use of and share. Most are manufactured from exceptional materials and can serve you for a lengthy time, but it is best to check to make certain the maker is trustworthy. With your advisable, cheap knockoffs will probably storm the marketplace soon.

The nail will get freakishly hot, so be cautious waving it around in circles using the lights out (though this may create awesome patterns whenever you close your vision). In almost any regard, it beats a wide open flame and individuals scalding, unpredictably hot knives - together with the majority of what’s obtainable in the cannabis vaporization world nowadays.

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