Father who gave youthful sons marijuana will get fourteen days in prison



A Portland-area father who gave marijuana to his 6- and eight-year-old boys was sentenced Friday to fourteen days in prison.

David Edward Edmunds, 30, offered no reason behind offering his kids the drugs.

Based on Deputy Da Chuck Mickley, Edmunds’ older boy told child-abuse investigators he felt dizzy and lightheaded when his father made him smoke pot.

The boy described one instance by which his father had him smoke via a bong, Mickley stated. The boy stated his father wanted him to inhale and hold his breath, however when he couldn’t, “he exhaled in to the bong, (causing) bong water to visit everywhere. Which made the defendant angry,” Mickley stated.

Mickley stated the older boy also reported that his father gave him a blue-and-white-colored pill that made him feel “different,” and the father stated it had been designed to keep him awake.

The boys happen to be taken off Edmunds’ child custody. They’re coping with their grandma and grandpa, stated defense attorney Peyton Lee. Mickley stated the Or Department of Human Services comes with an ongoing situation regarding Edmunds’ parental status.

Edmunds told Multnomah County Circuit Judge Kathleen Dailey the children’s mother isn’t a a part of their lives.

Edmunds was arrested in Feb under accusations of giving his children the drugs or possessing drugs around them from The month of january to This summer 2016.

Edmunds told government bodies he used marijuana daily.

He was charged of dealing marijuana in 2007 and 2013. Also, he was charged of criminal mistreatment in 2005, but electronic court public records didn’t identify his victim.

Edmunds on Friday pleaded no contest to delivery of marijuana to some minor and endangering the welfare of the minor, and guilty to neglecting to come in court captured.

Lee, his attorney, stated her client does now that he’s getting treatment. Lee stated Edmunds continues to be sober for around five several weeks, will college to review computer-programming and it has a landscaping business.

Dailey encouraged Edmunds to stay using the 12-step recovery program he’s in now.

“You’ve made choices which are highly harmful for your children, and that’s why they’re avoid you,” the judge stated.

“It appears like drugs will be in your existence for a while,Inch the judge ongoing. “But five several weeks is a great start.”.

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