Grav Labs Small Glass Blunt

Check out this deal from Glass City, they're Grav Labs Small Glass Blunt is on sale for $12 from $18. This is one awesome piece that everyone should have. If you are tired of rolling joints, then this is for you. I  personally have one and  I love it.  When I am not using my herb Vape, I am using my Grav Labs Small Glass Blunt . This little piece makes life so much easier you definitely should try it out sometime.

This product is the second version that recently came out the first one was questionable but grave labs have differently up their game . how it works is you fill it up with the medium that is desired then light it up. As the cannabis burns off you push it forward eliminating the waist its that easy.


Grav Labs Glass Blunt - Small

Virtually no time to roll one? By using this glass blunt could not be simpler! Just slide the inner tube, fill the chamber with plant, and lightweight up! Push the tube in while you smoke to push the ashes out. Hand crafted by Grav Labs in Austin, Texas using top quality borosilicate glass, this can be a blunt "wrap" you are able to fill and smoke again and again! You may also make use of this glass pipe for vaping by putting your smoking material within the tube and lighting it from underneath rather using the flame straight to the guarana plant material in the open tip.

This small glass blunt measures about 3 inches long using the inner tube pressed completely in. The Grav Labs emblem decal is used across the tube in red, eco-friendly, black, blue or orange. Choose color when ordering (as available).

Grav Labs Small Glass Blunt

Product Details:

  • Made in the USA
  • High-grade borosilicate glass
  • Rounded mouthpiece
  • Can also be used for vaporizing
  • Grav Labs decal on the tube

Grav Labs Small Glass Blunt

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