Hot Dog Glass Pipe


Here Another cool Pipe For You, King Glass has made a HOT DOG  PIPE And I Tell you this thing almost looks Real! This pipe is very different from the rest which makes it stand out, I give this pipe  7 out of 10 when. This is one piece that worth having!



Description Of Product

Hotdogs! HOTDOGS! Obtain the hotdogs from your favorite online smoke shop! Purchase getting a tasty and flavorsome toke while using Empire Glassworks Waitress Or Glass Pipe. This 3.5" streamroller style glass pipe will definitely have you feeling like configuring it for remove out of your online headshop because of its hot-dog theme. This fun-searching hands pipe features a deep pressed bowl plus a carb hole on its front. Sink you teeth having its mouthwatering ketchup and mustard design which will make you fiend for further smoking sessions. Handcrafted by Empire Glassworks, these American-made glass pipe could be acquired at KING's Pipe Online Headshop!


Color: Waitress Or Colors!

Dimensions: Roughly. 3.5'' lengthy

Weight: Roughly. 9.75oz (276g)

Material: Premium-Quality Colored Glass

Carb Hole: Yes round the front

Manufacturer: Empire Glassworks

Primary Features

3.5'' Steamroller Style Glass Pipe

Waitress Or Themed Glass Pipe

Colored Glass

Thick and Glass Spoon Pipe

Deep Pressed Bowl

Red Ketchup and Yellow Mustard Adornments

Handcrafted by Empire Glassworks

Hands-Blown American Glass Pipe

Released in 2017

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