Hybrids Cannabis

Dream Queen
Dream Queen is a smooth and spacey hybrid with an energetic kick. This daytime bud can produce up to 23 percent THC, making it a great choice for consumers with some cannabis experience.

One to One
One to One is a relaxed and creative hybrid with a 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC. This strain is popular among those with muscular problems, inflammation, and mental health ailments.

Canna-Tsu is a popular high-CBD hybrid with subtle, relaxing effects. This strain is happy, upbeat, and great for those who want strong relief during the day.

Purple Space Cookies
Purple Space Cookies is a beautiful hybrid with dense purple buds and plenty of glistening trichomes. Popular in Canada, this strain has a mysterious genetic heritage.

Lavender Jones
Lavender Jones is a high-yielding hybrid with a sweet floral scent. Happy, euphoric, and relaxing, this bud is an excellent way to wind down after a trying day.

Frisian Dew
Frisian Dew is a gorgeous hybrid with light purple specks. Bred for the outdoors, growers will love this strain’s hardiness and mold resistance.

Black Beauty
Black Beauty is a strain like none other. This bud produces a 2:1 ratio of THC to THCV, a cannabinoid that is being studied for weight loss and diabetes care.

Tahoe Alien
Tahoe Alien is a delightful but potent indica-dominant hybrid. This strain has tested with up to 29 percent THC and promotes a dreamy, euphoria and creativity.

This Starwars themed strain is a powerful healing herb. Thought to be effective against muscle spasms, Ewok is an indica-dominant hybrid with up to 23 percent THC.

Chiquita Banana
Chiquita Banana is one of the most powerful strains in the world. Featuring 33 percent THC, this bud is covered with a glistening coat of crystal trichomes and produces happy, euphoric effects.

Blissful Wizard
Blissful Wizzard is offically one of the strongest hybrids in the world. A Girl Scout Cookies offspring, this strain provides a powerful yet happy and euphoric high.

Liberty Haze
Liberty Haze is an award-winning hybrid that produces up to 25 percent THC. Happy and relaxed, this easygoing bud is great for daytime social festivities.

Lucky Charms
Lucky Charms was released as a limited edition hybrid from Bodhi Seeds. Powerful, happy, and energizing, this strain provides great daytime relief for headaches.

Marionberry Kush
Marionberry Kush is a popular Pacific Northwest strain with a delightful herbal berry taste. This hybrid may be sweet, but with around 23 percent THC, this calming flower packs a serious punch.

Double Dream
Do you love Blue Dream? Double Dream is a well-balanced offspring from the famous strain. This bud promotes an easygoing vibe and a dreamy, euphoric relaxation.

Jean Guy
Born and bred in Canada, Jean Guy is a popular sativa hybrid with a lemony fresh aroma. Recommended for experienced consumers, this strain boasts up to 25% THC.

Loud Dream
Loud Dream is a potent backcross from the legendary hybrid, Blue Dream. This strain is one of the most expensive hybrids on the market. While growing this strain takes some skill, the rewards are bountiful.

Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies
Love Girl Scout Cookies? Thin Mint is a less common but equally impressive phenotype of the famous strain. Featuring around 24% THC, this hybrid is often one of the most potent on the shelf.

The White
With up to 29% THC, The White is one of the strongest strains in the world. This sleepy indica-dominant hybrid packs a powerful punch, but experienced consumers may love this strain for daytime pain relief.

Snoop’s Dream
Snoop’s Dream is an indica-dominant offspring of the famous Blue Dream. Featuring up to 20% THC, this relaxing hybrid bud is an easygoing choice for experienced consumers.

Ice Wreck
Ice Wreck has tested as high as 27.7% THC. This potent hybrid can lean toward the sleepy side, making this strain a great afternoon or evening treat.

Gelato is a heavy yet balanced hybrid from the Cookies Family line. True to its heritage, Gelato is quite strong. Don’t be surprised to find over 20% THC in this fruity bud.

Chemdawg 4
Chemdawg 4 is a potent indica-dominant phenotype from the Chemdawg family. This pungent herb inspires creative thinking and produces a deeply relaxing body high.

Sour Dubble
Sour Dubble is one of the strains that fawned the legendary Gorilla Glue. With up to 24% THC, this focused and relaxed hybrid is a treasure to come across.

Qwad Dawg
After a taste of Qwad Dawg, you’ll be wanting more. This strain can feature up to 27% THC and has a delicious, ripe fruit aroma. Pick up Qwad Dawg for chronic pain conditions and relief from mental health…

Blueberry Pancakes
Blueberry Pancakes is an indica-dominant hybrid with a one-of-a-kind flavor. No joke, this strain really does taste like syrupy blueberry pancakes.

Oregon Pineapple
Oregon Pineapple will tease you with it’s tropical, sweet and sour scent and flavor. A great strain for getting outside, this bud promotes focus and balanced relaxation.

Dr. Who
Dr. Who is a potent strain popular in the Pacific Northwest. Featuring up to 23% THC, this slightly indica-dominant bud is a little sleepy, but happy overall.

Black Cherry Soda
Black Cherry Soda is a potent hybrid with some amazingly good looks. Sometimes nearly all purple, this strain features an upbeat high and pleasant berry aroma.

Deadhead OG
Deadhead OG is a pungent and earthy herb with up to 20% THC. Popular on the West Coast, this strain is cerebral and focused with a relaxed vibe.

Three Kings
Three Kings is a powerful hybrid popular in the Pacific Northwest. A cross between three very famous strains, consumers can count on a strong yet deeply pleasurable experience from this tangy bud.

Pineapple is a tropical hybrid with indica-dominant effects. This strain is powerful (up to 26% THC!), but it isn’t strong enough to knock you out. Take this strain to a social gathering.

SAGE is a perfectly balanced indica/sativa hybrid. Exhibiting the best of both worlds, SAGE provides a focused, euphoric, and relaxing high. With up to 24% THC, experience with cannabis is recommended.

Cherry Kush
Cherry Kush is a potent indica-dominant hybrid with a warm, woody taste. While slightly sedative overall, this strain kicks off with smiles and a few giggles or two.

Grape Stomper
Grape Stomper is a connoisseur strain loaded with THC. Featuring a distinct grape aroma and up to 25% THC, this hybrid is one well-bred bud.

Lemon Diesel
Lemon Diesel is a quiet indica-dominant strain from Emerald Triangle Seeds. Not only is this pungent hybrid relaxing, but it promotes calm concentration.

Mendo Breath
Mendo Breath is a caramel-like bud that is covered with a frosty coating of resin. Indica-dominant, this potent flower produces a meditative and relaxed high.

Leia OG
Leia OG is an indica-dominant hybrid bred by Gage Green Genetics. Sleepy, euphoric, and functional, this strain is a good choice for moderate pain and sleeplessness.

Princess Leia
Princess Leia is a rising strain that is rare to find. However, this happy hybrid is perfect for those seeking daytime relief from chronic fatigue and depression.

Sour Kush
In the highest test of Sour Kush, the strain produced over 30% THC. This DNA Genetics creation is a powerful medical strain with relaxing yet clear-headed effects.

Several variations of Stardawg have been released over the past few years. A potent hybrid strain, this Chemdawg child features a diesel-like taste and produces glistening, trichome-laden buds.

Strawberry Banana
Strawberry Banana has tested with up to 26% THC. Featuring a sweet, fruity aroma, this strain is a great choice for extractions and patients in need of serious cannabis therapy.

Golden Lemons
Golden Lemons is a sweet and powerful hybrid making its way down the West Coast. Regularly featuring over 20% THC, this slightly indica-dominant bud is recommended for experienced consumers.

Purple OG Kush
Purple OG Kush is a calm and sedative indica-dominant hybrid. The strain features a tasty sweet grape aroma, moderate amounts of THC, and is beloved by new and experienced consumers alike.

Ogre is a mellow sativa-dominant hybrid popular among novice growers. This strain is hardy, aromatic, and features an impressive yield for an autoflowering strain.

Blue Widow
Blue Widow is a moderately potent hybrid with slight indica effects. This strain is great to use in infused desserts and produces a happy, relaxing high.

Black Jack
Black Jack is a balanced hybrid with long lasting, head-to-toe effects. This spicy flower inspires a lovely physical relaxation and an upbeat sense of ease and contentment.

Golden Pineapple
Golden Pineapple is a 50/50 hybrid with a sweet tropical taste. This flower is energetic, upbeat, and perfect for a hot summer day.

Lemon Alien Dawg
Lemon Alien Dawg is an upbeat, indica-dominant hybrid. This strain features a sweet lemon aroma and is perfect for mild-mannered daytime activities.

Khalifa Kush
Bred by the famous rapper, Wiz Khalifa, Khalifa Kush is a heavy-hitting hybrid. This mind-bending strain features a THC content of up to 29%, making it one of the most powerful strains around.

Blue Diesel
Blue Diesel is a slightly sativa-dominant hybrid with deeply calming effects. Perfect for daytime or evening, this flower tastes like a blueberry and provides a pleasant, upbeat experience.

SFV OG is a sativa-dominant OG Kush offshoot. The intensely sweet, citrus, pine aroma accompanies a happy, upbeat, and deeply relaxing high.

707 Headband
707 Headband is a Californian hybrid with a mysterious origin. This slightly sleepy strain is famous for creating a headband-like pressure around the eyes and forehead.

Grape God
Grape God is a potent indica-dominant hybrid with a sweet taste. Featuring up to 28% THC, this drowsy flower is beloved by many experienced herb enthusiasts and medical cannabis patients.

Orange Bud
Orange Bud is bursting with citrus goodness. Featuring moderate levels of THC, this indica-dominant hybrid is perfect for cannabis noobs.

Red Dragon
A taste of Red Dragon is like inhaling vaporized guava. The tropical incense aroma is the perfect complement to an upbeat yet deeply relaxing hybrid experience.

Permafrost is a balanced hybrid with moderate amounts of THC. Though not the most potent strain available, Permafrost creates a full and powerful mind and body experience.

White Russian
White Russian is a high-quality strain that leans sativa-dominant. This hybrid is known to knock out headaches in a jiffy and promotes a clear-headed sense of euphoria.

Searching for a mellow yet clear-headed hybrid? Flo is slightly sativa dominant and features moderate THC levels. Popular in Colorado, this is an excellent choice for novice or occasional consumers.

G-13 Haze
G-13 Haze is a hybrid with impressive genetics. Featuring both heavily sedative and blissful euphoric effects, this strain will lift your spirits and knock out pain at the same time.

Juicy Fruit
Juicy Fruit is bursting with tropical flavors. Sweet, citrus, with a tad of earthiness, this sativa-dominant hybrid is a delight to the taste buds. Uplifting and relaxed, Juicy Fruit is great for your next daytime social gathering.

Critical Jack
Energizing and uplifting, Critical Jack is as alert and smooth as a strong cup of coffee. If you need some get-up-and-go in the morning but want to avoid overstimulation, this sativa-dominant hybrid is the…

Critical (Critical Plus) is a high-yielding Spanish hybrid. This lemony strain features a creative, uplifting high and calm physical relaxation. Try this strain on a mellow afternoon.

Blueberry Haze
Searching for an alternative to Blue Dream? Blueberry Haze is a fruity and floral flower with balanced hybrid effects. The THC levels in this bud are moderate (13 to 16%), making it a perfect choice for new consumers.

Middlefork is a powerful hybrid that is taking Washington by storm. With THC levels sometimes exceeding 27%, this euphoric and relaxing bud is recommended for experienced consumers…

There’s a reason J1 is rising in popularity. This top-notch sativa-dominant hybrid is excellent for your next wake and bake. Spirited and uplifting, pick up this strain when you need inspiration for your next project.

Holy Grail Kush
Holy Grail Kush is another award-winning strain from DNA Genetics. Earthy and sweet, this hybrid cultivates an easy and relaxing vibe. If you’re looking for a mellow afternoon treat, look no further.

$100 OG
If you like well-balanced hybrids, $100 OG is for you. However, “well-balanced” does not mean weak. This OG Kush offspring boasts one powerful high. Experience with cannabis is recommended.

Snowcap has a mysterious history, but this happy sativa-dominant hybrid is perfect for a social gathering. It’s giggly, creative, and relaxed.

Sunset Sherbet
Sunset Sherbet is a Girl Scout Cookies offspring. This is a more mild bud than its famed parent, featuring a nice indica body high with some focused cerebral effects.

Larry OG
Larry OG is an easygoing flower that produces strong physical and mental effects. If you’re looking for something to help you wind down after a stressful day, Larry has your back.

Fruity Pebbles
Fruity Pebbles seeds once sold for $1,000 to $1,500. Why? This beautiful bud has a unique sweet and fruity taste and potent indica-dominant high.

Sweet Nina
Sweet Nina is a Colorado strain that’s certainly made an impression. New to the scene, this hybrid has a delightfully fruity and floral aroma. Expect a balanced mind and body experience from this bud.

Get ready for a mouthwatering hybrid. Blackberry was bred by Nirvana Seeds from Black Domino and Raspberry Cough parents. Nirvana acquired the Black Domino in Seattle. The plant was then taken across…

Ghost OG
Ghost OG is an OG Kush phenotype known for creating a peaceful and comforting vibe. If you’re in need of some pain relief or physical relaxation, this indica-dominant hybrid is for you.

Pineapple Kush
Pineapple Kush is an easygoing hybrid with moderate THC levels. If you’re looking for a sweet, tropical treat, this flower is for you.

Alien OG
With THC levels soaring up to 28%, Alien OG is one of the strongest strains available today. Save this indica-dominant hybrid for when you have nothing to do. You’ll be stuck on the couch for a while.

Sour Tsunami
Sour Tsunami is a high-CBD strain. In fact, it’s one of the first CBD strains to become popular. With nearly a 1:1 ratio of THC:CBD, this strain is popular among those with seizure disorders and anxiety.

ACDC is a high-CBD strain. In fact, CBD levels can reach up to 24% when well-grown. This fact makes this nonpsychoactive hybrid a great choice for patients with severe conditions like epilepsy and multiple sclerosis.

Skunk #1
Skunk No. 1 has parented many hybrids since it’s arrival in the 1970s. Though slightly indica-dominant, this strain provides a balanced experience complete with giggles and plenty of physical relaxation.

Space Queen
Space Queen is a trippy hybrid that leans sativa-dominant. The mental stimulation of this strain is contrasted with a pleasant and mellow bodily relaxation.

XJ-13 is an easygoing hybrid that produces calm and creative effects. If you are looking for a sociable strain that will ease anxiety and promote conversation, this flower is it.

White Widow
White Widow is a 1990s hybrid that’s only gaining in popularity. It’s no surprise, either. This strain is famous for its potent, yet very well-balanced high. The THC content of this strain can reach up to 25%.

White Fire OG
White Fire OG is rapidly making its way across the west. In some test results, this hybrid has reached 30% THC. While great for experienced consumers, newbies should watch out with this one.

UK Cheese
UK Cheese first cropped up in a British commune in the 1990s. It’s become famous for its unique cheesy aroma and well-balanced hybrid high.

The THC content in Trainwreck is known to reach 25%, making this strain best for those familiar with cannabis. A cross between three landrace strains, this hybrid provides ample mental energy coupled with physical…

Tangerine Dream
An award winning strain, Tangerine Dream is a hybrid that provides a euphoric mental high and deep physical relaxation. The THC content in this strain can reach 25%, so new consumers should start slow.

Tahoe OG Kush
Tahoe OG Kush was born after crossing two well-known OG Kush varieties with a little extra Afghani. The result is a powerful sedative and pain-fighting indica hybrid.

Swiss Cheese
Swiss Cheese is an ultrafast growing hybrid with moderate THC levels. A great choice for beginning growers, you can expect high yields from this compact plant.

Strawberry Kush
Strawberry Kush is the child of Strawberry Cough and OG Kush. The result is as pleasant as you might expect, an indica-dominant hybrid that is nice and easy for new consumers.
Super Sour Skunk

Super Sour Skunk is a 50/50 hybrid that’s sure to get you laughing. Expect a balanced mental and physical experience from this strain. Moderate in THC, this strain is a good choice for novice consumers.
Sour OG

Sour OG is the perfectly balanced child of Sour Diesel and OG Kush. A strong citrus, pine aroma provides the perfect backdrop to this hybrid’s smooth cerebral uplift and mellow body high.

Skywalker OG
A long time ago in a galaxy not so far away, crafty cannabis breeders crossed Skywalker with OG Kush. The result? A spacey and euphoric plant that provides a full-force indica experience.

Mendocino Purps
Mendocino Purps is a famous strain from Mendocino County, California. This strong indica-dominant hybrid replaces pain with a powerful, sleepy sensation.

Purple Diesel
There are two common varieties of Purple Diesel. Both of them are 50/50 hybrids with around 18% THC. The sativa-dominant qualities of this strain will give you an energy boost. This hybrid is perfect for morning use.

Platinum Girl Scout Cookies
Platinum Girl Scout Cookies is part of a family of award-winning strains. While the name may sound innocent, THC levels in this herb can reach an incredible 28%. Newbies be warned.

Pineapple Express
Pineapple Express may not be the crazy potent bud the hit film suggests, but it won’t disappoint. This charming hybrid is perfect for daytime use. Sativa dominant, pick up this strain when you want a clear-headed…

Orange Kush
A Green Devil Genetics creation, Orange Kush has been described as “almost narcotic”. A powerful indica-dominant hybrid, pick up this flower when you have nothing to get done.

NYC Diesel
The origins of NYC Diesel are a little unclear. However, this upbeat hybrid is an artists dream. Euphoric and creative, you’re like to find inspiration with this strain.

OG Kush
OG Kush is one of the most popular cannabis strains around. This 1990s sensation is also the base of many modern day hybrids. With THC content soaring up to 24%, it’s no wonder why this strain has become so…

Mango Kush
Mango Kush is a sedating but pleasant hybrid. Great for newer consumers, this strain has moderate THC levels and giggly effects.

This is one trippy hybrid. LSD may not give you visuals, but it packs a psychedelic punch. An indica-dominant hybrid, this strain provides a powerful body relaxation with plenty of mental euphoria and energy.

Lemon Skunk
Lemon Skunk is a high-yielding strain bred by DNA Genetics. A product of Skunk No. 1, this strain has a potent pungent lemon aroma. Those with stress and depression may enjoy this strain’s energizing yet…

Lemon Kush
Lemon Kush may be a couple of different strains with distinct genetics. Though, you’re sure to get a musky sweet lemon aroma from each of them. Mostly indica-dominant, this balanced hybrid is the perfect way to…

Agent Orange
Agent Orange smells like fresh citrus with mood-lifting properties to boot. This strain is a well-balanced hybrid that features two dominant pheonotypes. Expect average THC levels of around 15%.

AK-47 is popular among novice growers for a reason. This sativa-dominant hybrid has a quick flowering time and produces a relaxed, cerebral high.

Animal Cookies
Animal Cookies is a beautiful strain with a wealth of medical benefits. This indica-dominant hybrid is extremely high in THC, with a fair amount of CBD to boot. Try this strain if you suffer migraines or muscle…

Blue Dream
Blue Dream is the most popular legal cannabis strain. It’s high-yielding, fairly fast to grow, and has a wealth of medical benefits. This well-balanced hybrid has two dominant phenotypes, giving some varieties a more…

Blueberry Diesel
Blueberry Diesel is a high-yielding hybrid. Slightly indica dominant, this strain produces mildly sedative effects and a calm clear-headedness. THC content tends to run around 18%.

Gorilla Glue #4
Gorilla Glue #4 is making a name for itself as one of the most potent strains in the world. It’s not uncommon for this strain to produce THC levels above 28% in optimal growing conditions. Great for those with severe pain…

Irene Kush
Irene Kush is a new kid in town. However, with high yields and good looks, this strain is being asked for by growers all over the U.S. While this strain can start like a racy sativa, Irene Kush provides a well-balanced…

Candy Kush
There are a couple different varieties of Candy Kush out there, but each is an indica-dominant hybrid. Expect a case of the munchies from this strain. It’s also best for the evening when you’re ready to wind down for the…

Jillybean is an excellent hybrid. Slightly sativa-dominant, this strain provides a happy, relaxed, and energizing high. However, indica lineage means that you won’t get the usual sativa raciness. Pick up this flower…

Cannatonic is a high-CBD strain with ample medical benefits. Some phenotypes of this hybrid have as high as a 1:30 ratio of THC to CBD. Pick up this strain when you need some serious relief from pain, spasticity, and…

Headband is a famous hybrid that provides a one-of-a-kind experience. Great for headache relief, Headband creates an odd yet pleasant pressure around the cranium. And yes, it actually feels like you’re wearing…

Cinderella 99
Cinderella 99 is a super potent sativa-dominant hybrid. Short, fast-growing, and resinous, this strain is popular among growers and consumers alike. Pick up some Cindy when you need a daytime mood lift.

Bruce Banner
Bruce Banner is one of the strongest strains in the world. Featuring 5 distinct phenotypes, this strain is fairly versatile and produces well-balanced hybrid effects. Bruce Banner is easiest to find in Colorado.

Bubble Gum
Bubble Gum’s genetics may be a bit of a mystery, but this award-winning hybrid is sure to put a smile on your face. Easy to grow, flavorful, and high in THC, there’s no reason not to love Bubble Gum.

Chemdawg is one mysterious strain. The original genetics are unknown, but this legendary hybrid is the suspected parent of many common crowd pleasers, including OG Kush.

Chernobyl is a TGA Genetics delight. A sativa-dominant cross between Jack the Ripper, Trinity, and Trainwreck, this strain creates a happy, cerebral high that is great for those concerned about mental health and migraines.

Cherry Pie
This sweet, tart hybrid is the perfect way to relax at the end of the day. Indica-dominant, Cherry Pie features moderate THC levels and is an easy choice for novice growers.

Golden Goat
Golden Goat may have come from Kansas, but it’s quickly spread across the west. One of the most popular dispensary selections in Colorado, this strain is potent and produces sativa-dominant effects.

Dutch Treat
You’ll find Dutch Treat on many coffee shop menus in Amsterdam, but this strain is popular in the U.S. and Canada alike. Expect an easygoing, indica-dominant high from this hybrid.

Fire OG
Fire OG is the most potent member of the OG Kush family. Euphoric and sedative at the same time, this strain is perfect for winding down after an awful workday.

Fire OG
Fire OG is the most potent member of the OG Kush family. Euphoric and sedative at the same time, this strain is perfect for winding down after an awful workday.

Cotton Candy Kush
Cotton Candy is a high-yielding and potent hybrid. THC levels often exceed 20%, making this strain great for pain and stress-related conditions. You’ll recognize Cotton Candy by its sweet candy-like aroma.

Cinex is a popular strain in the Northwest for a reason. This sativa-dominant hybrid is energizing yet relaxed, helping consumers stay sharp and focused. Easy to grow and high yielding, this strain is perfect for novice…

Diablo OG
Diablo OG is a mild-mannered indica hybrid. It provides the perfect balance between a pleasant body high meets clear-headed stress-reliever. Consider this strain if you struggle with pain, inflammation, or stress conditions.