Indica Strains

Pennywise is an indica hybrid that produces even amounts of CBD and THC. Providing an alert yet relaxed experience, this strain may produce very slight psychoactive effects.

Purple Wreck
Purple Wreck is a heavy-hitting indica hybrid with an unbelievable fruit-like taste. Featuring up to 25 percent THC, this bud will inspire some serious sofa time in large doses.


Sin City Kush
Sin City Kush is a heavy-hitting indica hybrid with a delicious sweet and grape-like aroma. This strain is popular among patients with chronic pain and muscle spasms.

Jedi Kush
Jedi Kush is a powerful indica strain that does not tend to produce lethargy. With a THC content of up to 25 percent, this pungent bud is potent and strongly relaxing.


Stephen Hawking Kush
Stephen Hawking Kush is a smooth and relaxing high CBD strain with gorgeous purple coloration. This is a popular medical choice for those seeking relief from pain, inflammation, and muscle spasms.

Violator Kush
Bred by Barney’s Farm Seeds, Violator Kush provides a medium sedative high that promotes pleasant conversation. Pick up this strain before a dinner party.

Fucking Incredible
Fucking Incredible is a 100 percent indica strain with mysterious origin. While euphoric and joyful, this bud provides a strong sense of bodily relaxation.

Triangle Kush
Triangle Kush is a delightful and mysterious indica hybrid that produces up to 26 percent THC. Warm, friendly, and inviting, this potent flower will bring a smile to your face.

Bubblegum Kush
Bubblegum Kush is a tranquilizing indica hybrid from Holland. Happy, euphoric, and physically sedative, get ready for a head to toe experience with this pungent flower.

Emerald OG
Emerald OG is a sedative indica strain. Great for those with headaches or chronic pain, this flower provides a soothing physical relaxation and upbeat high.

Raspberry Kush
Raspberry Kush is an easy-to-grow favorite with a mellow vibe. Sweet, earthy, and berry-licious, this indica is delightfully relaxing for experienced consumers.

Pink Berry
Pink Berry is a rare and exceptionally delicious indica hybrid strain. Featuring around 16% THC on average, this strain provides an easy and arousing high.

Seeking something arousing? Plushberry is an indica hybrid that may help spice things up in the bedroom. Mellow and relaxed, this strain will help you unwind and de-stress.

Featuring up to 30 percent THC, Do-Si-Dos is one strong indica. This tantalizing hybrid produces a very powerful, tranquil high with plenty of dreamy euphoric bliss. Experience with cannabis is recommended.


Yoda OG
Yoda OG is a pungent strain with an aroma like wood, vanilla, and churned earth. With up to 22% THC, indica fans will love this sedative and relaxing bud.

Flowerbomb Kush
Flowerbomb Kush is an award-winning craft strain deserving of serious attention. A complex bouquet of wood, spice, cut flowers, and citrus gives an intoxicating aroma to a mellow and creative high.

Purple Elephant
Purple Elephant is a connoisseur strain. Difficult to grow, this craft indica features a wonderful grape aroma, giggly effects, and up to 25% THC.

Super Skunk
Super Skunk is an indica hybrid offspring of Skunk No. 1. An upbeat high is accompanied by a mellow and deeply relaxing body high, making this one pleasurable evening flower.

Ace of Spades
Ace of Spades is a TGA Subcool Seeds creation. Relaxing, giggly, and featuring up to 20% THC, this potent flower is an excellent way to de-stress.

Pre-98 Bubba Kush
Pre-98 Bubba Kush has been a favorite for close to two decades. A heavy-hitting strain with plenty of THC, this old school indica is perfect for anyone who enjoys a strong, sedative experience.

Burkle is a rising star indica that packs a punch. Featuring around 19% THC, this strain is a deeply sedative and euphoric flower. Experience with cannabis is recommended.

Ogre Kush
Ogre Kush may be difficult to find for growers. But, indica fans who come across this strain will appreciate the hard-hitting effects and astronomical THC content.

Blue Magoo
Blue Magoo is a cheerful and sleepy indica popular in the Pacific Northwest. With a decadent sweet blueberry aroma, this relaxing flower makes for a superb evening treat.

9 Pound Hammer
Searching for a heavy hitter? 9 Pound Hammer is a powerful strain that grows quickly and produces up to 23% THC. Grab this strain for help with pain and insomnia.

Alien Dawg
Alien Dawg is a potent indica hybrid that inspires a deep, bodily relaxation. Yet, this herb isn’t all physical. Expect a happy, sociable high accompany sedative effects.

Big Bang
Big Bang is a one-of-a-kind indica hybrid with a delicious apple blossom aroma and cool herbal flavor. The strain provides upbeat and gentle stress relief with a nearly narcotic, physical relaxation.

Bubba’s Gift
Bubba’s Gift is an indica with unique effects. Though it is a sedative strain, it provides an oddly clear-headed experience that allows you to get things done.

Critical Kush
Critical Kush is a potent, heavy-lidded indica. The effects are couch-locking. With up to 25% THC, the shear strength of this strain isn’t surprising. Grab this woody herb when you need to catch up on some sleep.

CBD Critical Cure
CBD Critical Cure is an indica you can consume during the day. A high-CBD/low-THC strain, this flower has little psychoactivity. Rather, it knocks out pain and fights stress without impacting cognition.

Vanilla Kush
Vanilla Kush is an award-winning indica. Intensely drowsy and calming, this strain relaxes sore muscles while pleasing the nose with a spicy, sweet vanilla aroma.

Shishkaberry is a delicious indica that can produce THC levels up to 26%. New consumers be warned: the effects of this strain are deeply sedative.

King Louis XIII
King Louis XIII is an indica-dominant OG Kush offspring. This dense flower has a very distinct sour scent that makes itself known in a room. Though pungent, this stinky herb comes with a deeply relaxing body high.

Blackwater is a heavy indica strain that produces beautiful purple buds. Featuring an average THC level of 20%, this flower is perfect for moderate to experienced cannabis consumers.

Herijuana is a lovely indica that produces strongly sedative and thoughtful effects. The THC content in this strain can reach 25%. This strain is recommended for canna-savvy consumers searching for deep relaxation.

Hash Plant
Love hash? You’ll love Hash Plant. This Sensi Seeds creation is 90% indica, providing a substantial body high and a significant amount of sleepy pain relief. The THC content in this strain runs around 18% on average.

MK Ultra
MK Ultra is one of the most powerful indicas in the world. When you need a deeply hypnotic and potent full-body high, this strain won’t disappoint.

This 90% indica is sure to send your mind into a spacey, euphoric dreamland. With a robust aroma and up to 25% THC, everything about SFV OG Kush is heavy-hitting and potent.

Kosher Kush
Kosher Kush is a potent indica bred by DNA Genetics in California. This strain is a favorite among those with insomnia, as it quickly helps you drift off into a deep sleep. Though, it will also inspire a giggle fit or two…

Querkle is a delicious yet sleepy indica. Expect a mouth full of musky grape and woody forest fruits after tasting this relaxing strain. With THC levels reaching over 20%, get ready for a potent and heavy-hitting experience.

Sweet Tooth
Sweet Tooth is an award-winning indica with a lovely flavor. A warm, sweet woodiness hits your tongue on first taste. The top-notch flavor is accompanied by an uplifting and physical high.

Big Bud
Big Bud is aptly named. This sleepy indica is famous for huge buds and high yields. It’s loaded with over 20% THC to boot.

Presidential OG
Presidential OG is a relaxed indica-dominant hybrid. A cross between Bubble Gum and OG Kush, this piney flower features THC levels of up to 23%. Noobies be warned.

Obama Kush
Obama Kush is surprisingly well-balanced for an indica. Fans often experience a fun cerebral experience first, shortly followed by some powerful full-body relaxation.

God Bud
God Bud is an award-winning Canadian strain. Though it’s a hybrid, the effects are strongly indica. Get ready for a nice nap after a few tastes of this musky herb.

Alien Kush
Alien Kush is a mild-mannered indica hybrid. Great for beginners or anyone who wants a more lighthearted experience, this flower promotes a happy, mellow high with a pleasant body-tingling sensation.

Shiva Skunk
Looking for a meditative, psychedelic indica? Shiva Skunk is for you. This powerful flower will put you into a state of deep, blissful contemplation. It’s also great for pain and bodily tension.


Sensi Star
Sensi Star is a heavy hitting indica recommended for experienced consumers. The combination of a primarily physical body high with a hint of mental energy and euphoria give this flower a nearly psychedelic feel.

Critical Mass
The buds on Critical Mass are so large and heavy they break branches. Novice growers will have an easy time with this indica. Novice consumers, however, may find the powerful body high a little intense.

This landrace strain has parented many modern indica hybrids. Afghani is worth a try for every cannabis enthusiast. An indica in it’s truest form, expect a full-bodied sense of relaxation.

White Rhino
White Rhino is a high-yielding strain that produces a very potent body high. Pick up White Rhino when you need a serious de-stress session.

True OG
True OG is a powerful indica from Southern California. New consumers should proceed with caution on this one, this strain can have a THC content of over 27%.

Skywalker provides meaningful yet gentle sedative effects. With a moderate THC content of around 15%, this indica is perfect for novice consumers.

This head-warping strain produces narcotic-like effects. An indica-dominant cross between White Rhino and an unknown indica, Romulan is a potent strain with serious medical potential.

Purple Urkle
Purple Urkle is one of the most famous indicas around. The THC content in this strain often exceeds 20%, making it both fun for recreational consumers and a quality medical strain. Expect to feel heavy-lidded and…

Purple Kush
Purple Kush is thought to be one of the most powerful strains in the world. This 100% indica provides a long-lasting sedative experience. New users should proceed with caution with this one.

Northern Lights
Northern Lights is an easy, fast-growing indica with landrace heritage. This strain is known for its happy, blissful, and sedative effects. You’ll want to stick to nighttime use with this one.

Mr. Nice
Mr. Nice is named after one of the most prominent cannabis smugglers of the 1970s. A cross between G-13 and Hash Plant, there’s no better herb to pay respects to the late activist and author.

Master Kush
Master Kush is a potent indica that is great for medical cannabis patients. Featuring THC levels of 20% and up, this strain may be a little strong for beginners.

LA Confidential
LA Confidential is a reliable and popular indica. This strain produces nearly psychedelic effects and a powerful body high. Those new to cannabis should proceed with caution.

Bred by Soma Seeds, Lavender is a potent indica hybrid with plenty of calming and sedative effects. Often used for muscle spasms, this strain produces a powerful body-centered high.

Afgoo (aka Afgooey) is a sleepy and relaxing indica-dominant hybrid cross of Maui Haze and Afghani #1. This strain is fairly potent, with a THC content of about 18%.

Berry White
Berry White is a potent indica cross between White Widow and Blueberry. An absolutely lovely strain, Berry White produces blissful, creative, and relaxing sensations.

Blackberry Kush
Blackberry Kush is an easy-to-grow crowd-pleaser. Expect relaxing, sedative effects from this indica-dominant hybrid. Though, noobs be warned: the THC content of this strain can get a little high.


Grape Ape
Grape Ape is an award-winning indica. Boasting THC levels between 17 and 23%, this powerful flower provides a happy and euphoric high that’s perfect for a weekend movie night. Though, you probably don’t…

Cheese is one stinky strain. Its distinct creamy pungency has made it popular worldwide, but it also happens to feature high THC contents. This unique indica-dominant hybrid is great for those who need some…

God’s Gift
We’re lucky to be graced with God’s Gift. Regardless of your spiritual beliefs, you’ll feel blessed after a few puffs of this powerful indica. This strain is great for severe pain or for those that need help winding down in the…

G-13 is a strain with a story. Perhaps bred by government workers at the University of Mississippi in the 1960s, this indica-dominant hybrid has been couch-locking cannabis lovers ever since.

Death Star
Death Star is a pleasant indica-dominant hybrid. You can thank high THC levels for the strong calming and euphoric effects from this strain. Easy to grow, Death Star’s small, dense buds won’t lack in flavor or potency.

Afghan Kush
Afghan Kush is a heavy yield, resinous indica strain that’s relatively easy to grow for beginners. It has a sweet, pinesol-ish flavor and is great for treating insomnia and producing a strong body high.

Banana Kush
This West Coast strain is well known for its banana taste and a great mix of euphoria and sleepiness. It’s moderately tricky to grow with a low yield, and is the child of Ghost OG and Skunk Haze.