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Product Details:

MK Shatter

MK Shatter is supposed to stimulate feelings of excitement, creativeness and boost social interaction. This is an excellent remedy for several conditions including stress, anxiety, fatigue, depression, chronic discomfort and migraine.

What's Shatter

Shatter is definitely an extract of marijuana the word itself originates from its appearance which has similarities to that particular of glass. When dropped it shatters just like glass would. Around the roads some can purchase it inside a thicker, taffy like form for $60-70 a gram. However that form is generally produced in someones garage or bed room but still could have butane (or any other chemicals not completely purged!). This is often quite injurious to ones lung area and health!

And then we STRICTLY ADVISE never to buy EXTRACTS from shady dealers or untrustworthy sources!

IS shatter just like wax or budder

Yes, with no. They all are extracts of marijuana that contains highly removes of cannibinoids. However, Shatter and Rosin would be the purest among concentrates.

Rosin doesn't use solvents and rather utilizes a heat and pressurized system to extract the resin in the marijuana.

In comparison the 2 (shatter and rosin) are aesthetically indistinguishable in diagnostic tests rosin won't ever show any leftover hydrocarbons in (parts per million) part per million.

Budder and waxes are created using Butane Oil by pressing it with the plant material. These normally have a consistency of ear wax. Therefore, the particular, name.

Type: Sativa
Strength: 10 out of 10
High: uplifted | energetic |
Taste: sweet | berry-like | contains an aroma reminiscent of fresh flavors.
Amount Per Package: 2 Gram

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