Nano Cbd Shooter

Have you ever had a CBD shot before? well if you haven’t you are missing out. Nano CBD is a supplement shot you take daily, made by hemp this product promotes natural healing you definitely should check it out sometime

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Product Description

The Dose of Nature™ Nano CBD Shooter™ takes advantage of several new technologies to deliver a truly unique natural CBD supplement which has rapid bioavailability, no harsh taste and is water soluble while still maintaining the balance of the full entourage effect of a natural hemp extract.

Dose of Nature starts with KannaTek RedStrap ™, which is a concentrated, refined hemp oil containing 67% CBD.  The cannabinoids in KannaTek RedStrap™ are liberated from the wax and other binding constituents in the basic extract, resulting in a cannabinoid particle size of 147 nanometers in diameter, which make this oil more bioavailable to the body quickly.

The KannaTek RedStrap™ is then processed into a true alcohol-free, concentrated nano glycerite which bonds this full-bodied hemp extract into glycerin without emulsifying agents.  This process, called BioXTrax™ creates glycerites are naturally sweet, easy to digest, and water soluble, while still being low glycemic.  The harsh taste of the natural hemp oil is masked by the glycerin, making the product much easier to consume.

The KannaTek RedStrap™ is also processed into Hydrosomes™ where nano-cannabinoids roughly 3 nm in diameter are embedded in micro-clusters of water.  These Hydrosomes™ are absorbed easily into your system, and provide advanced cellular hydration throughout the body.

These three technologies are combined in the Dose of Nature Nano CBD Shooter™, the first-of-its-kind product, which provides you with both a macro dose and a nano dose of CBD in a water soluble form for rapid bioavailability without the harsh taste common in other products. With this product, no additional preservatives or masking flavors are required. Just natural CBD hemp extract at its finest.

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