4 Site DWC Hydroponic System Grow Room – Complete Grow Tent Kit – LED Grow Light



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Hydroponic Grow Room

4 Site DWC Hydroponic Grow Room by Abbaponics

This professionally built DWC hydroponic system comes with everything you need to start growing your crops today!

One of the easiest hydroponic methods, DWC systems are simple to operate and economical to maintain. This coupled with our high quality LED grow lights you are sure to create extremely happy plants with rapid growth rates and HUGE yields.

The Bubble Monster Grow Room comes fully equipped with a high quality 600D Grow tent, a 225 LED Grow Light, and a 4 site hydroponic bucket system.

Our hydroponic system comes equipped with 1 reservoir with 4 net pots, adjustable air pump with an air stone, starter nutrients, clay pebbles and rockwool. Everything you need to start growing your plants right away.

What’s included:

1 – 600D Grow Tent (24” ×24” × 48”)

1 – 225 light LED grow light

1 – 3.5 Gallon Reservoir Tank

4- Net Pots

1 – Adjustable Air Pump

4 – Rockwool cubes

Grow & Bloom Starter Nutrients

Clay pebbles

Installation & Growing Instructions

The Grow Tent:

Heavy Duty 600D Oxford Fabrics+PVC. 
• Size: 24” ×24” × 48”(L X W X H)
• Inner Lining Material: 100% Highly Reflective Water-Proof Aluminum Foil
• Frame Material: Powder Coated Heavy Duty Steel
• Mesh Window Size:1*7 4/5”×2 3/4”, 1*11.8”×2 3/4”, 1*15 3/4”×2 3/4”(Quantity *  L X W)
• Vents Size:2*4” ,2*6.3” (Quantity * Diameter)


225 Red & Blue mixed LED Grow Light
This Red and Blue mixed Grow Light Panel System which is perfect for your plants heightening and thriving. The Blue light (450 nanometers) ensures peak chlorophyll absorption in the plants, ensuring vegetative growth. The Red light (660 nanometers) also ensures large absorption of the nutrients.

4 Site DWC Hydroponic System:

Our hydroponic system comes equipped with 1 (3.5gal) reservoir tank, an adjustable air pump with an air stone, starter nutrients, clay pebbles and rockwool.

One of the easiest hydroponic methods, DWC systems are simple to operate and economical to maintain.

Starter Nutrients:

Rocket Nutrients is a 2-part nutrient system that’s designed to grow strong plants all the way to harvest. It delivers primary, secondary and micronutrients that plants need. This makes Rocket Nutrients an ideal food source for plants to thrive throughout both the vegetative growth phase and the bloom phase.

Rocket Nutrients comes in two parts: Grow (part A) and Bloom (part B). By using Grow and Bloom together, you can give your plants important nutritional benefits.

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Abbaponics is more than just a great place to buy your hydroponic kits and accessories. Our mission is to take the technology of hydroponics and aquaponics to third world countries around the world. There are many places that have plenty of sun, but very little rain. We believe that hydroponics and aquaponics will allow these places to grow their own crops without the need for rain. A portion of the proceeds from our sales goes towards bringing this idea to life in these countries. We sincerely appreciate your support in our mission!