50 Seed Starter Kit Germination Pods (Organic coco coir) for Hydroponics or Soil


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50 Seed Starter Pods (Replacement pods for a one ounce starter cup.) Go directly from young seedling into hydroponics, soil or coco coir.

Germinating seeds is fast and easy without the use of messy soil. Simply drop a coco coir organic pod in 20ml of water and watch it expand in seconds. Each pod will fill a one ounce cup. Simple, fast, clean, economical and produces awesome results. If you are going to use a dome just place a clear plastic container on top of the cups. Use a Styrofoam egg carton, close the lid for a humidity dome. So easy to germinate your seeds.

  • 50 expandable organic hydro/soil coco coir seed pods.
  • Seed starter cups and pods as seen in the photo above are available in our ebay store.