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The Grow Book

literally that simple. The Grow Boss answers all the questions
customers always ask in this ball busting, easy-to-read, fully
illustrated, manufacturer sponsored, comprehensive growing &
equipment guide book. This is also the only book that explains how to
use all the equipment you see in the stores. This 160 page book covers

Full Color & Fully illustrated on High-Gloss paper Volume #5 is everything you need to know about growing marijuana indoors if you’ve got problems this book has answers. just compare your problem to the images in the troubleshooting section…

  •   Cloning                                            * Digital Ballasts
  •   Rotations                                         * Examples garden pictures
  •   Plant Shapes                                   * Equipment explanations
  •   Soil vs Hydro                                   * Light Selection              
  •   Problem solving                              * Mixing nutrients
  •   The Grow Diamond                         * Finishing, Trimming, Drying
  •   Flowering Tips and trick
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