The Pulsar Ninja is really a discreet pen in the manufacturers from the elegant Pulsar 7 Dry Plant Vaporizer this was broadly recognized by users.

This compact personal vaporizer continues to be designed to utilize waxy oil concentrates. The Pulsar Ninja provides you with the liberty to savor your essential oils in a tiny, portable and attractively designed vape pen.

The Ninja is very simple to use.

All that you should do is fill the atomizer together with your favorite waxy oil and press the activation button. The main one-touch-activation gets hotter the pen and will get it ready to be used very quickly whatsoever.

Ought to be fact, two big the best-selling Pulsar Ninja which have renedered this vape pen a bestseller, within the waxy oil pens category, are it's very easy loading and quick heating.

Let's delve more into what this small vape pen from Pulsar offers.

Stylish appearance

The Pulsar Ninja offers a sleek and aerodynamic design with smooth exteriors. The colour choices include Eco-friendly, Blue, Black, White-colored, Red and Silver.

Easy charging, maintenance and cleaning

Because of the advanced atomizer utilized in Ninja Vaporizer which leaves no residue following a vaping session, the unit is very simple to keep clean and maintain.

Battery from the Pulsar Ninja will get fully billed in 2 to 3 hrs and stays all set for next 4 hrs of vaping.


The vaporizer has a new edition atomizer and USB charger plus a mouthpiece and instructions.

Easy functionality

When your Ninja is prepared following a charge, take away the mouthpiece to pour some concentrate within the atomizer while using steel scooping tool. Recap the mouthpiece, keep your activator button tight on 2-3 seconds and go ahead and take first draft of vapor.

Suits travel

Pulsar Ninja VaporizerThe Pulsar Ninja is really a traveler’s closest friend. Using blends could be too cumbersome when you wish enough them for any lengthy trip. Packing them is definitely an inconvenient process too.

However, oils and concentrates can fit anywhere and permit more discreetness than blends.

The truth that loading the Ninja is a cakewalk makes it simple to make use of while on a holiday.

The heating unit consists of ceramic, quite simple to clean. As it is only waxy oils the device vaporizes, there's no need to bother about the contents getting stuck and slowing lower vaporization.


Just about all products from Pulsar have a warranty on chargers, batteries along with other accessories, that are found faulty as a result of manufacturing defect.

The warranty program that continues to be valid for six several weeks in the purchase date doesn't cover defects arising from unintended shedding, neglect, lost parts, entry water in to the device or other damage that doesn't arise from problematic workmanship.

What we should didn’t like

The only real downside with this particular vape pen is it vaporizes waxes and oils only. Hence if you're searching for any vape pen that actually works with all of three i.e oils, herbs and e-juices, this isn't the solution you're looking for.

Exactly what do we believe?

Given the simplicity and maintenance, Pulsar Ninja finds a rightful devote a vaping enthusiast’s arsenal. It shall 't be an overstatement to state that Pulsar Ninja is among the better pen styled oil vaporizers on the market. Because of this we provide a four star rating about this pen

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