Kali Mist 386x193 Kali Mist

Kali Mist
Kali Mist is the perfect daytime strain. Moderate, clear-headed, and focused, work and chores are easy matches for this skunky sativa.

Cat Piss
Cat Piss may have a disgusting name and aroma, but this strain provides one upbeat, energizing high. Great for the morning, Cat Piss is all smiles and joy.

Amnesia is a strain that is a little different everywhere you go. However, many varieties are award-winning hybrids with sativa-dominant effects and a spicy lemon aroma.

Colombian Gold
Colombian Gold is a classic sativa landrace strain. Popular in the 60s and 70s, this old school sativa features buzzy, cerebral high and ample THC.

Jack Frost
Jack Frost is an upbeat 65/35 sativa dominant cross. While this strain is energizing, it provides more relaxation and pain relief than the average sativa flower.

Galactic Jack
Galactic Jack is a spunky yet relaxed sativa that can help you get things done. Strong aromas of citrus and pine accompany a focused and uplifting experience.

Laughing Buddha
Laughing Buddha is a sociable and friendly flower with a spicy kick. Pick up this 80/20 sativa for depression and chronic stress management.

Grapefruit is an upbeat sativa cross that stems from Cinderella 99. While the effects of this strain are overwhelmingly euphoric, new consumers should proceed with caution. Grapefruit can produce THC levels as high as 25%.

Casey Jones
Casey Jones is a lovely sativa that promotes happiness and alertness. Great for the morning, this lemony delight features between 15 and 18% THC.