Check out this hot deal from Vaporize,  their SOURCE NAIL SIGNATURE KIT is now on sale! This is one awesome electric dab nail I really like the quality of this piece. This Kit makes dabbing a breeze and I absolutely love it, get yours now while it's on sale.

Product Description:

Source Vapes presents a brand new portable dabbing device that's Part Mod, Part eNail - the origin Nail Vaporizer -Signature Package. It features coil-free atomizers which are completely smooth to vaporize wax and concentrates. This area includes Titanium, Ceramic and Quarta movement atomizers to supply a different vaporization experience and could be combined with this area incorporated glass bubbler or glass globe attachment.

You may choose between Grade 2 Titanium for a classical dab experience, Ceramic for low-temp dabbing, or Quarta movement to see the real flavor of the wax concentrates. Each atomizer and also the Source Nail features universal 510 threading connection, and that means you can certainly swap together with your SOURCE orb slim or any other favorite attachments. Also, it is simple to mix-compatible other source vapes atomizers, and that means you may use your Source Orb 3 and Source Orb XL atomizers with Source Nail Vaporizer.

The brand new Source Nail Vaporizer is operated by volt 40w TC (Temperature Control) Box Mod battery that provides a complete temperature range from 200°F - 700°F, in addition to a full wattage control with a variety of 5w - 40w. The Origin Nail may be the revolutionary new portable dab device from Source Vapes and also the most effective portable eRig currently available.

Source Nail Signature Package Includes:

Source Volt 40W TC Box Mod Sub-Ohm Battery

Source Nail Attachment

Source Glass Bubble Attachment

Source Glass Globe Attachment

thrice Coil-less Atomizers

Titanium Atomizer

Quarta movement Atomizer

Ceramic Atomizer

Metal Travel Situation

Glass Carb Cap and Dab Tool

Micro USB Charging Cable

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