Super Surfer Vaporizer

check out this awesome deal at vaper-nation, they've taken their Super Surfer Vaporizer to another level. Presenting the Super Surfer - a dual-function forced air unit you can use with balloon bag and whip-draw vapor delivery systems. This really is one awesome vape, get yours today!

Product details:

The Super Surfer Vaporizer could be the world’s most versatile desktop vaporizer. Furthermore to all or any the skills from the standard Silver Surfer, it provides a forced air system will fill a vapor bag or can be utilized getting a whip. It provides a lighted base with multiple lighting modes to create the most well-liked ambiance for that vape session. It ships getting a custom padded bag, an aroma top, and many types of accessories needed to vape while using incorporated whip and/or vapor bag. Like every seventh Floor vaporizers, it is also appropriate for several filtration and cooling accessories.


Glass-On-Glass design produces pure, tasty flavor

Ceramic heating unit provides even convective heat, reducing the chance of combustion

Position from the heater-cover to wand connection prevents flower from falling in to the element

Multi-function Brought lights could be customized to suit your style

Variable speed forced-air fan produces top quality vapor in a steady rate to fill the bag or assist your inhale

Ships in a top quality hemp and polyester padded bag with pockets for those components

Features 2 hands-made interchangable custom glass knobs

Unique Glass, silicone, and titanium valve system

Diffuse your preferred essential oils or wax melts 24/7 using the

incorporated glass Aroma Top

Designed, put together, and tested in Colorado, USA

3 Year Warranty

Brought Mood Lighting

Dual-Function Forced Air

Quick-Change Heater Cover

Supports Herbs & Essential Oils

Precise Temperature/Fan Control

Balloon Bag/Whip Draw Compatible

Advanced Air-Intake Filtration

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