torch lighter

Check out this hot deal, this torch lighter id only $12.00! This torch is perfect for your dab Rig. Check it out today

Product Detail:

  • Safe & easy to use for beginners!
  • With flame safety lock and with ability to adjust the flame size and shape. Easy to switch between jet flame and lighter flame.
  • Portable and compact. Lightweight and easy to carry. Ideal for daily use and outdoor activities, such as camping, fishing, hunting and so on.
  • Multi purpose professional torch lighter: All of them can be used for lighting, smoking, cooking, and anything come to your mind!
  • Easy to refill, to light and to use: If you are looking for a torch which makes your cooking simple, this is the one! It’s easily refillable, lights in one click and it is designed for comfortable hand use to keep your focus only on creating masterpieces.

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